Our equipment and expertise provide solutions for every chemical project

The demands placed on equipment in the chemical industry are particularly high. Toxic, corrosive and unstable gases are frequently a part of chemical production processes.  Maintaining the purity of gases being handled is a priority in the pharmaceutical and biological industries.

We supply a range of equipment to the chemical industry, from fans for boiler and incineration plants that supply heat and process steam, to fans that are used on exhaust and emissions control systems, to equipment that handles the materials being processed.

Howden also supplies blowers and fans essential to the MVR process.

Why Howden?

  • Expert Support

    Because we manufacture air and gas handling equipment for the chemical sector, we can offer expert and unbiased advice about the right solution for your application.

    Global Presence, Local Service

    In our experience, there is no substitute for local support; that’s why we have local teams ready to help.

    Lifetime Commitment

    We offer lifetime support of every product we supply - covering not only spares and servicing but also upgrades and advice.

    Customer focus

    We regularly undertake customer research to understand your key challenges and requirements, meaning we can develop and offer the right products.

    Commitment to cost reduction

    We understand a key challenge of the sector is increasing costs. That’s why we’re dedicated to increasing your efficiencies and lowering your operating costs.